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Mr Paul D'Urso CV
Media Room
Selected Print Stories featuring Mr. D'Urso's research work
  • Medical Observer (18/09/92). Models shape surgery's future.
  • Courier Mail (10/09/93). Technology beats a hole in the head.
  • Medical Imaging and Monitoring (11/94). Models from CAT to change surgery.
  • The Australian (31/08/94). Ronald faces up to a new future.
  • Business Queensland (07/11/94). ISDN line speeds implant process
  • Australian science and technology newsletter (03/95). Made-to-order body parts ease surgeon's hands.
  • The Australian (31/10/95). Operating with 3-D accuracy.
  • Design News (06/12/95). Rapid prototyping slashes operating time.
  • The Edge Vol. 4, No. 4 (1995) SLA Biomodelling speeds patients to recovery.
  • The Week-End Australian (07/09/96). Rocks of ages no secret in 3D.
  • Sunday Times UK (27/10/96). Sculpted in the womb, the first model of a live baby.
  • Medical Observer (08/96). Model finds foetal dangers.
  • The Australian (26/06/96). Behold the unborn child, or at least its plastic model.
  • The Week-End Australian (19/07/97). Surgeons develop brain map.
  • The Lancet 348 Dec 21/28 (1997). Surgery moves into the third dimension.
  • The Courier Mail. (13/10/2000). Model operation to separate twins.
  • Plastics News. (04/12/2000). Acrylic models provide surgeons dry run.
  • New Scientist (11/11/2000) Short Cut - Separating Conjoined Twins could be made safer and quicker.
  • The Bulletin E-Bulletin. (25/07/2001). Moving Image.
  • Rapid Prototyping Report (02/2002). Medical Rapid Prototyping - BioBuild from Anatomics
  • Herald Sun Sunday. (14/04/2002). World first aids surgery.
  • Wohlers Report 2002. Medical Modeling.
  • Australian Financial Review (27/03/03). Helping to guide a surgeon's hands.
  • Sunday Age & The Sun Herald. (23/01/05) April's Story.