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Neurobiologics - Overview

Neurobiologics is a neurosurgery specific version of "Osteobiologics" technology. Osteobiologics has become a synonym for the inclusion of biology and biochemistry in the development of bone replacement materials for muscular-skeletal healing. In neurosurgery, it is used mainly in conditions involving the spinal column. Mr. D'Urso utilitses neurobiological agents like anit-fibrosis gel and bone growth factors in his practice.

Anti-fibrosis Gel

Medtronic MediShield

MediShield is an adhesion barrier gel to prevent postoperative adhesions from forming after back surgery. The gel is an injectable, absorbable gel, in a 3mL syringe, for use in reducing the incidence, extent and severity of postsurgical adhesions following lumbar spine surgery. Postsurgical adhesions are abnormal bands of scar tissue that can form between tissues following surgery and cause postoperative complications such as recurrent back pain and weakness. The gel is placed in the epidural space during laminectomy, laminotomy, and discectomy procedures to separate tissues and act as a temporary, protective barrier against adhesion formation.

Click here to see the MediShield patient brochure.

Bone Growth Factors

The term "growth factor" refers to a naturally occurring protein capable of stimulating cellular proliferation and cellular differentiation. Growth factors are important for regulating a variety of cellular processes. Growth factors typically act as signaling molecules between cells. Hormones are an example of growth factors. Growth factors bind to specific receptors on the surface of their target cells. They often promote cell differentiation and maturation, which varies between growth factors. For example, bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs) stimulate bone cell differentiation, while vascular endothelial growth factors stimulate blood vessel differentiation.

Click here to download a document about bone growth factors in spinal surgery.

Stryker OP-1 implant

OP-1 is a bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) that is naturally found in the human body. This unique protein has the ability to transform cells in the body to become new bone and ultimately repair fractures.

Click here to visit the OP-1 implant web site.

Medtronic INFUSE Bone Graft

INFUSE Bone Graft is a bone growth protein used in an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) procedure in combination with a metallic cage implant.

Click here to visit the INFUSE Bone Graft web site.

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